“Create a stronger, better balanced, more positive version of you”

“Thank you for your kind words on Tuesday, very encouraging.  Any improvement though is all down to you, with your clear instruction & excellent demonstrations – from someone who is clearly a master.  Gently testing us & leading us on to more difficult exercises, almost without us noticing.  I’m very glad I joined up, thank you.” Frank

“I have really appreciated your Pilates lessons and, without doubt, have benefited from your instruction. I have thoroughly enjoyed your clear and informative method of teaching and the fact that you give individual attention to each member of the class. I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to take up Pilates.” Rosemary

“Fiona has a warm and approachable way of running the class. She demonstrates and explains the exercises clearly and monitors each of us very carefully. Whether a beginner or improver, I would really recommend joining Fiona’s classes.” Lesley

“Not only does Flexible Fi show us what we should aspire to, but she explains very clearly what is meant to move and how, as well as what is not meant move!” Hugh

“I LOVE these classes…Relaxed but detailed, and perfectly encouraging. I want to be BodyStrong and am sick of lower back pain. Frankly bring it on!” Zoe

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